HASARD Proximity Warning System

Date First Published on SafetySmart Compliance: September 12th, 2011
Topics: Machine Guarding | Technology |

NIOSH has developed an active proximity warning system called HASARD (Hazardous Area Signaling and Ranging Device) for warning workers as they approach known dangerous areas around heavy mining equipment and other dangerous work zones. HASARD is composed of a transmitter and multiple receivers. The transmitter generates a 73-kHz magnetic field using one or more ferrite rod antennas. Each antenna is adjusted to establish a magnetic field pattern for each hazardous area. The magnetic field effectively creates an invisible but robust marker on that area of the machine. The receiver, worn by the worker, accurately measures the magnetic field strength. The received signal, which is directly related to distance to the machine, is compared against preset levels which are calibrated to identify levels of danger. The receiver outputs can include visual, audible, and vibratory indicators and it can also be made to disable machine functions. NIOSH has been granted two patents for the system. These patents can now be licensed for incorporation into life saving safety products.

Download the video directly from the NIOSH website by clicking here.