Fire & Emergency Response Compliance & Training Gameplan (the EAP)

Date First Published on SafetySmart Compliance: September 10th, 2015
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Fires and other emergencies can strike your workplace at any time without warning. But while you can’t predict them, you can prepare for them. Preparedness can save lives, prevent injuries and limit property damage. If that’s not motivation enough, being prepared for fires and other workplace emergencies may save your business thousands and even hundreds of thousands in OSHA fines avoided.

This Program sets out a strategy you can implement over 30-day period (and beyond) at your workplace to ensure proper emergency preparedness and compliance with OSHA rules. Specifically, it shows you how to create, implement and maintain what OSHA calls an Emergency Action Plan (EAP). (Click here for a detailed overview of OSHA EAP requirements.)

What This Gameplan Covers & How to Use It

This Gameplan covers fire response. It is the third of four SafetySmart Gameplans covering a different dimension of fire safety:

To ensure fire safety and OSHA compliance, you must implement all four Gameplans, either simultaneously (the recommended approach) or in sequence.

Step One: Perform Hazard Assessment (Day 1-5)
Step Two: Select Safety Controls (Day 6-15)
Step Three: Provide EAP Training & Education (Day 16-20)
Step Four Inspect, Monitor, Reinforce and Improve Your EAP (Day 21-30 and forever after)

Final Word…

Remember that most work fires are preventable. Following the steps of this Plan will enable you to correct the common problems that cause fires and stay in compliance with OSHA rules. But to provide complete and compliant fire safety, you also need to implement our SafetySmart Gameplans.   Fire & Emergency Response (Gameplan 4 – Exit Routes, soon to follow).

Need help?  Call us anytime to discuss how SafetySmart can help your company improve its EAP and fire safety program.

Gameplan programs are a tool to improve safety program success. Use of a Gameplan program does not guarantee compliance or elimination of all safety-related liabilities. Every organization’s compliance and training needs differ.  SafetySmart and its employees, managers, owners, and other related parties are not liable for any criminal or civil liability, damages, or other negative outcome arising from the use of a Gameplan program.