Outside Contractor Entry Notification Form

Date First Published on SafetySmart Compliance: February 21st, 2012
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One of the keys to managing contractor risks is to know at any given time which contractors are at your site and what kind of work they’re doing. This might sound obvious but it’s often overlooked. This is particularly true at companies that have a large workforce and a workplace spread out over a large physical area. This tool will assist you in developing your own notification specific to your company, and enable you to be aware of where your contractors are.




An innovative and effective measure used by leading companies to monitor the whereabouts of contractors’ workers involves creating a special form called an outside contractor notification form. Here’s an example of an Outside Contractor Entry Notification form based on a model used successfully by the largest pulp and paper mill in North America, Bowater Inc. As with any model form, you’ll need to make revisions depending on what kind of industry you’re in and what contractor processes you use. For example, remove Item 8 if you don’t have orientation sessions for your contractors.