Model Memo to Brief Plant/Facility Managers on Risk of Repeat OSHA Violations

Date First Published on SafetySmart Compliance: March 4th, 2012
Topics: OSHA Inspections |


OSHA violations are never good. But repeat violations are particularly bad. Repeat violations are designed for those companies that just don’t learn from their mistakes and keep breaking the rules. However, under OSHA policy, multiple facilities of a company are treated as a single entity. That means that a company can be cited for repeat violations committed by separate facilities—even if those violations are totally unrelated and the facilities are thousands of miles apart. This tool will help you prevent this from happening.


If your company has more than 1 facility, the key to minimizing liability for repeat violations is coordination. Simply put, all facility managers need to be kept apprised of current OSHA citations and work in concert to identify and correct problems across all facilities. This Model Memo will help you plant managers that you can adapt to brief facility managers in the field and secure their cooperation in heading off repeat violation citation risks.