Model Form to Request More Time to Abate a Violation

Date First Published on SafetySmart Compliance: February 24th, 2012
Topics: OSHA Inspections |


When OSHA finds a safety violation at a work site, it typically requires the company to “abate” or correct it within a certain deadline. Sometimes the allotted time isn’t enough—either because the deadlines is unreasonable or because abatement just takes longer than expected. In these situations, you can ask OSHA for more time. But there are formal rules and procedures that must be followed to request an extension.



Here’s a Model Form petitioning OSHA for an abatement deadline extension that you can adapt. For example, you’ll need to list specific steps you’ve taken to abate the violation at the end of paragraph 1. Also make sure you show a copy of this note to your lawyer, particularly if you come from a state like California that is subject to state equivalent requirements. That’s because the rules for requesting extensions may differ in those states.