PPE Hazard Assessment Form

Date First Published on SafetySmart Compliance: March 11th, 2012
Topics: PPE |

THE PROBLEM: OSHA requires selection of PPE appropriate to protect workers against hazards posed by the work. To comply, it’s essential to conduct a PPE hazard assessment.

HOW TOOL HELPS SOLVE THE PROBLEM: Use this sample form to determine if your workers are exposed to particular hazards. If you check YES, determine if the hazard can be eliminated. If not, can the method or equipment be changed to eliminate the hazard? If so, consider doing it. If the hazard can’t be eliminated, is the condition one where adding a guard would protect the employee from the hazard, e.g., machine guards. If this is the case, indicate a guard is being installed. In the last column, list the type of PPE the worker will be required to use to protect against the particular hazard.