OSHA Medical Evaluation Questionnaire for Respirator Users

Date First Published on SafetySmart Compliance: July 23rd, 2012
Topics: Airborne Contaminants | PPE |

Wearing a respirator


The OSHA Respirator y Protection Standard requires employers to ensure that all workers required to use respirators undergo medical evaluation before they’re fit tested and actually use the respirator for the first time. Medical evaluation must be carried out by a doctor or other licensed health care professional.

How the Tool Helps Solve the Problem

The objective of the medical evaluation is to figure out if the worker has any general medical conditions that would make it dangerous for him to use the respirators. There are 2 ways the doctor or PLHCP can obtain this information:

  1. Have the worker fill out the official OSHA medical questionnaire from Appendix C of the Standard printed below; or
  2.  Perform an initial medical exam that gets the same information as the medical questionnaire.

You need to ensure workers actually understand the questions on the questionnaire.