Do you need to keep MSDSs for commercial products such as “Windex” and “White-Out”?

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Do you need to keep MSDSs for commercial products such as “Windex” and “White-Out”?


OSHA doesn’t require that MSDSs be provided to purchasers of household consumer products when the products are used in the workplace in the same manner that a consumer would use them, i.e.; where the duration and frequency of use (and therefore exposure) is not greater than what the typical consumer would experience. But the exemption is based not upon the chemical manufacturer’s intended use of his product, but upon how it actually is used in the workplace. Employees required to work with hazardous chemicals in a manner that results in a duration and frequency of exposure greater than what a normal consumer would experience have a right to know about the properties of those hazardous chemicals.

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Reference Interpretation and Compliance Letters:

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