Cave-In Hazards at Mississippi Construction Site Fetch $55,375 in Fines

Date First Published on SafetySmart Compliance: January 27th, 2012
Topics: Confined Spaces | OSHA Inspections |

ExcavationAn OSHA compliance officer who was just passing by a store construction site noticed what looked like cave-in problems at a trench being dug. So he did an inspection. Result: The Tenn-based contractor was cited for 1 willful and 3 serious violations of OSHA excavation standards, including lack of sloping or a benching system to keep soil from falling into the trench, letting workers ride in excavation buckets to enter and exit the trench and failure to provide exit ladders or ramps [MTE Contracting LLC, No. 12-67-ATL (20), Reg. 4, Jan. 26, 2012].