SafetySmart Incident Manager

SafetySmart Incident Management enables compliance with US OSHA and Canadian provincial OHS requirements for recording and reporting injuries and illnesses. Even better, it allows you to track close calls, spot trends, and take action before injuries and illnesses significantly impact your organization.

A simple, assessment-driven design allows companies with employee-driven safety cultures to encourage open reporting of close calls and workplace safety opportunities, while advanced features allow compliance with federal, state, or provincial reporting and record-keeping requirements.

In addition, SafetySmart’s incident management capabilities include:

  • Guided assistance to identify recordable incidents and close calls
  • Management and reporting for multiple operating locations
  • Photo and video upload (mobile upload app available January 2012)
  • Compliant, printable OSHA 300, OSHA 300A and OSHA 301 reports, by location
  • Free-text search and analysis of incident reports and information by date, location, type of incident, and other categories
  • Corrective actions and training suggestions based on individual incidents and trends
  • Anonymous reporting of close calls, allowing employee reporting without reprisal concerns
  • Version management, enabling investigation and subsequent reporting over time
  • Optional customizability to support internal investigation, audit or insurance claim processes
  • Optional FROI and SROI reporting (compliant with US state and Canadian provincial reporting requirements)

Best of all, tight integration with SafetySmart allows seamless selection, assignment, and tracking of corrective actions drawn from SafetySmart’s training and compliance libraries – or from your own policies and programs – allowing you to protect employees and better educate them about important workplace health and safety issues.

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