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Workplace Violence

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This compliance center is for you regardless of what industry you’re in or how big your company is. The center helps you protect workers from risks of violence at the workplace—whether by co-workers or third parties—via violence hazard assessment, environmental and work controls, workplace violence policies and procedures, domestic violence prevention, training, reporting of violence and other measures to prevent workplace violence, harassment and bullying.

Articles & Insight
  • sample image How to Protect Workers Who Work Alone or in Isolation

    Workers who do their job alone are at high risk of violence. Here's how to protect them.

  • sample image Five Ways an Employer Can Be Liable for Workplace Violence

    If workers' safety isn’t a compelling enough reason, you should take steps to prevent workplace violence because the law requires you to.

  • sample image How to Survey Employees as Part of Risk Assessment

    Prevention is the key to rooting out workplace violence.

  • sample image How to Survey Supervisors as Part of Your Violence Hazard Assessment

    All employers have a legal duty to prevent violence in their workplaces either under OSHA or other laws.

  • sample image Workplace Violence & the Myth of Zero Tolerance

    Zero tolerance has become the policy of choice for dealing with workers who engage in workplace violence.

  • sample image OSHA Turns Up the Heat on Workplace Violence

    In practice, OSHA citations for workplace violence are relatively rare. But they’re not as rare as they used to be.

  • sample image 9 Common Pitfalls to Avoid in Investigating Workplace Violence Incidents

    Investigations must be conducted promptly. As with any investigation, the sooner you begin, the better evidence you’re likely to gather.

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Time Saving Tools
  • Model Workplace Violence Threat Assessment Questionnaire
    sample image

    Use this form to evaluate the seriousness of threats made against your workers and how to respond to them. Read More...

  • Workplace Violence Checklist
    sample image

    Violence, including murder and assault, happens in just about any industry. The presence of strong policies, combined with management support and effective implementation of policies and procedures... Read More...

  • Avoid Workplace Violence – Safety Talk Handout
    sample image

    Workplace violence can happen to anyone, even you. While certain occupations put a person at a much higher risk – driving a taxi, or working on the late shift for instance... Read More...

  • Harassment Hurts – Safety Talk Handout
    sample image

    Harassment in the workplace is a serious matter. Many lives have been badly affected by sexual harassment, bullying and other forms of harassment. Harassment is also a safety issue... Read More...

  • Employee Workplace Violence Survey
    sample image

    Workplace violence hazard assessment can be a sensitive issue, especially to the extent it turns inward and focuses on the potential risks of violence posed by workers in the workplace.... Read More...

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