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THIS SECTION IS FOR YOU regardless of what industry you’re in or how big your company is but especially if you’re in trucking, transportation and other operations in which employees drive to do their job. The Section helps you manage hazards to drivers, including texting, cell phones and other distracting devices, drunk, fatigue and impaired driving; it also helps you implement fleet safety measures, including vehicle inspection, repair and maintenance, training and DOT driver regulations.

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  • sample image Employer Liability & Lessons from the $24 Million Coke Lawsuit

    Simply having a distracted driving policy isn't enough; you must also ensure the policy is effective.

  • sample image NTSB Calls for Total Ban of Texting & Driving

    The feds are getting serious about texting and driving. Today, the National Transportation Safety Board called for a nationwide ban on the use of cell phones and texting devices while driving.

  • sample image How to Get Your Company to Ban Texting & Driving

    Traffic accidents are the leading cause of workplace deaths. Motorists who text or use cell phones when they drive are at 4 times greater risk of traffic accidents, according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

  • sample image OSHA Cracks Down on Texting & Driving

    Fact 1: Crashing in a motor vehicle is the leading cause of worker deaths in the US each year. Fact 2: Distracted driving is a leading cause of crashes in motor vehicles. Fact 3: Use of cell phones and texting is a leading cause of driver distraction.

  • sample image Accept The Challenge – Drive Defensively!

    There are many problems associated with driving during the holidays. Inattention due to the excitement of the trip, fatigue from driving too far in too short a time, the presence of many additional vehicles on the road or simply frazzled nerves all contribute to traffic mishaps.

  • sample image Roadwork Risk Rising

    During 2000, almost 1,100 people died in highway work zones in the United States. According to Brad Sant, vice-president of safety and education for the American Road and Transportation Builders’ Association, that number was up almost 25 per cent from 1999.

  • sample image Coke Distracted Driving Case & Employer Negligence Risks

    How following state distracted driving laws affect your risk of liability for negligence.

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Time Saving Tools
  • Use Chart to Monitor Alcohol Consumption of Holiday Party Guests
    sample image

    Monitor Blood Alcohol Content of guests to avoid liability for drunk driving by office party guests where alcohol is served. Read More...

  • Model Texting and Driving Policy
    sample image

    Although it might enhance productivity, allowing workers to talk on cell phones or text while driving in carrying out their jobs is arguably an OSHA violation; encouraging or requiring them to do so is definitely a violation. Read More...

  • Road Construction Means Danger – Safety Talk Handout
    sample image

    Road construction zones are danger zones, especially at night when darkness hides unfamiliar and hazardous situations. This handout will assist you in educating your transport workers about the dangers of construction sites, and will avoid unnecessary accidents. Read More...

  • Driving in the Dark – Safety Talk Handout
    sample image

    Most motor vehicle fatalities happen after dark, even though we drive less at night than in the daytime. The long hours of darkness can put us at greater risk for fatal crashes this time of year, as many of us commute both to and from work in the dark. Read More...

  • Know the Laws of Your State: Distracted Driving Laws
    sample image

    A summary of current distracted driving laws in each of the 50 states Read More...