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THIS COMPLIANCE CENTER IS FOR YOU if your workers use electrically powered portable tools or equipment. The COMPLIANCE CENTER helps you meet OSHA requirements relating to portable power tools, including power actuated fastening devices, pneumatic tools, portable abrasive wheels, chainsaws and jacks.

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  • sample image HAND & POWER TOOLS: Chainsaw Safety

    Chainsaws are dangerous. And because they’re used around the house away from work, they pose an off-duty threat to workers. Here’s an overview of basic chainsaw safety requirements and measures.

  • sample image General Safe Work Practices for Portable Powered Tools

    Your company should have some established safe work practices for the safe use of portable powered tools based on the OSHA requirements.

  • sample image Guarding of Portable Abrasive Grinding Wheels

    Safety requirements for portable abrasive wheels, i.e., mounted wheels used in grinding operations...

  • sample image How to Comply With Safety Rules for Power-Actuated Fastening Tools

    First, you need to recognize that Sec. 1910.243(d) does not cover devices designed for attaching...

  • sample image How to Comply with Safety Rules for Jacks

    Before using the jack, operators must make sure its jack rating, i.e., maximum working...

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Time Saving Tools
  • Establish Rules for Safe Use of Power Tools
    sample image

    THE PROBLEM: You need to carefully vet the safety features of power tools and select the ones you deem safe for use in your workplace. Read More...

  • Use Self-Assessment Checklist to Determine If You’re Compliant with OSHA Hand & Power Tool Requirements
    sample image

    THE PROBLEM: OSHA requires employers to not only select power tools that are safely designed and constructed, but ensure that those tools are properly used, inspected and maintained. Read More...

    sample image

    THE PROBLEM: Power actuated fastening tools are a lot like handguns; but instead of bullets, the projectiles they fire are nails, studs and other fasteners. OSHA requires that you select appropriately safe tools and ensure workers use them appropriately. Read More...

  • Set Policy on Abrasive Wheel Equipment Grinders
    sample image

    THE PROBLEM: Portable abrasive wheels are highly dangerous and heavily regulated by OSHA. Machines must be safely designed, properly guarded, used safely and appropriately inspected and maintained. Read More...

  • Power and Hand Tool Fatality Reports: Use Fatality Reports to Get Workers to Take Power Tool Safety Seriously
    sample image

    THE PROBLEM: Delivering power tool safety training won’t do anybody any good if workers don’t pay attention. Unfortunately, the self-preservation instinct can’t be counted on to kick in automatically, even for a topic as imperative as power tool safety. Read More...

  • Hand and Portable Power Tool Compliance Calendar
    sample image

    All hand and portable power tools must be regularly inspected and maintained at appropriate intervals. For Best Results, combine this Calendar with your regular preventive maintenance and inspection schedule for portable powered tools covered. Read More...

  • Hand and Power Tools This booklet is designed to present to employees and employers a summary of the basic safety procedures and safeguards associated with hand and portable power tools.
  • Wagner-Meinert Han and Power Tool Program The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that the employees of Wagner-Meinert, LLC, sub-contractors, company property, and host
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