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THIS COMPLIANCE CENTER IS FOR YOU if your workplace contains potentially dangerous machines that require guarding, i.e., the use of physical, mechanical and other devices, such as electronic devices that automatically shut off the machine when somebody puts his hand into a danger zone, to protect workers. The Section helps you meet OSHA machine guarding requirements—both general and equipment-specific for power presses, abrasive wheels, forging machines, woodworking, mills and calenders.

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  • sample image Machine Guarding: A 15-Step Compliance Plan

    A step-by-step strategy to ensure machines are properly guarded at your workplace.

  • sample image Guarding Mechanical Power Presses

    Mechanical power presses are among the most common forms of machinery found in U.S. workplace—and also the most dangerous

  • sample image MACHINE SAFETY: How to do a Hazard Assessment

    As with any other set of hazards or equipment, controlling machine hazards starts with an assessment of the hazards involved.

  • sample image MACHINE SAFETY: How to Comply with Machine Guarding Standards

    OSHA machine guarding requirements for General Industry are set out in the Machinery and Machine Guarding subpart of the General...

  • sample image MACHINE SAFETY: How to Guard Forging Machines

    Forging machines are made up of equipment like hammers, rolls and related equipment that are used to shape metals.

  • sample image MACHINE SAFETY: How to Comply with OSHA Power Transmission Belts Standard

    The OSHA standard on Power Transmission Belts, Sec. 1910.219, covers all power transmission belts, e.g., flat belts, round belts, V-belts, etc.

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Time Saving Tools
  • Machine Guarding Assessment Form
    sample image

    Some of the most horrific injuries that take place in the workplace are authored by machines. OSHA requires employers to implement measures to protect workers from machine-related risks. Read More...

  • Machine Guarding Checklist
    sample image

    OSHA standards include detailed requirements for the construction, design and installation of machine guards. It's essential to inspect your machine guards to ensure that you're in compliance with these requirements. Read More...

  • Take the Time to Get to Know New Equipment – Safety Talk Handout
    sample image

    Never assume that the new piece of equipment is just like the old one. Chances are that it isn't – it's likely to be updated, improved, faster, more complex and usually ... Read More...

  • Check it Out With Your Equipment Checklist – Safety Talk Handout
    sample image

    These checks are standard operating procedure on vehicles such as trucks and forklifts, and they are also vital for heavy equipment such as bulldozers and cranes. ... Read More...

  • Guards Keep You From Danger – Safety Talk Handout
    sample image

    The purpose of any guard is to prevent contact between the operator and any part of the machine or its by-products. Guards are barriers to other equipment hazards such as rotating belts, sparks ... Read More...