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THIS COMPLIANCE CENTER IS FOR YOU no matter what industry you’re in or how big your company is. The Section keeps you apprised of OSHA’s proposed Illness and Injury Prevention Program (I2P2) rule and helps you develop and implement the elements of an OHS management system, including hazard assessment, selection of safety controls, performance measurement, incident investigation, accident and near miss reporting, auditing, corrective action and reporting to management.

Articles & Insight
  • sample image OSHA Makes Case for Injury Illness Prevention Program

    OSHA hasn’t had much to say about the Injury Illness Prevention Plan (I2P2) in recent months. But if you thought that I2P2 was going away, think again.

  • sample image Ask the Expert: The Lowdown on I2P2

    Will OSHA propose an Illness Injury Prevention Program standard and, if so, when?
    Find Out...

  • sample image How to Use “Privilege” to Avoid Having to Disclose Safety Audit Findings to OSHA

    Ongoing monitoring and auditing is essential to a safety program.The bad news is that in identifying the flaws and shortcomings in your program—or having an outside auditor do it for you—you’re creating a record that OSHA can use as evidence against you. Find out how to protect yourself...

  • sample image OSHA Issues I2P2 White Paper Ahead of Proposal First Look

    Despite the combined efforts of employers, workers, unions, safety professionals and regulators, more than 4,500 workers lose their lives and more than four million are seriously injured each year.

  • sample image OSHA Forced to Pull Back on Safety Incentives Crackdown

    OSHA criticized for citing employers for safety incentive abuses without providing guidance.

  • sample image 10 Accident Investigation Pitfalls to Avoid

    As a safety professional, you don’t need a lecture about the importance of complete and accurate investigations. But you might need advice to avoid the 10 most common mistakes that cause accident investigations to go awry:

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Time Saving Tools
  • Model Memo to Brief Plant/Facility Managers on Risk of Repeat OSHA Violations
    sample image

    This Model Memo will help you plant managers that you can adapt to brief facility managers in the field and secure their cooperation in heading off repeat violation citation risks. Read More...

  • Incident & Injury Reporting Policy
    sample image

    You can adapt the Model Policy below to establish a reporting regimen. Read More...

  • Accident Reporting Non-Retaliation Policy
    sample image

    Tailor this policy to be consistent with the rest of your company’s policies on worker conduct, include it in your employee handbook or the like and give it to all workers.. Read More...

  • Model Cell Phone Use Policy
    sample image

    Here’s a Model Policy that you can use to ban cell phone use by workers who drive. Read More...

  • Contractor Safety Policy
    sample image

    Ensure your contractors and subcontractors have read this policy before you put them to work. Read More...