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THIS COMPLIANCE CENTER IS FOR YOU no matter what kind of industry you’re in or how large your company is. The COMPLIANCE CENTER helps you meet OSHA requirements for first aid training, equipment, first response communication and emergency response.

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  • sample image New First Aid Rules for Electric Industry Workers Take Effect

    The new rules apply only to companies covered by the “Work Hazards and Safety Practices in the Electric Power Industry” (29 CFR 1910.269), i.e., companies engaged in the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power.

  • sample image Unsafe Good Samaritans Can Attract Citations

    A worker falls into a basement pit at a building construction site. Paramedics are stuck for a way to get the injured man out of the pit. Another worker has an idea.

  • sample image Identify your First-aiders

    Consider supplying first aid t-shirts or patches for uniforms, but keep in mind the worker will need changes of clothing.

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  • First on the Scene of an Accident – Safety Talk Handout
    sample image

    Professional drivers see more than their share of motor vehicle accidents as they travel the highways of our country. Read More...

  • Think Before You Act – Safety Talk Handout
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    It’s natural to want to jump in and save someone. Read More...

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