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THIS COMPLIANCE CENTER IS FOR YOU if you manufacture, handle, transport, store or use hazardous chemicals at your workplace. The COMPLIANCE CENTER helps you meet OSHA requirements for chemical safety, spill control and response, emergency preparedness, transportation of dangerous goods and other environmental issues affecting health and safety.

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  • sample image Don’t Recycle Safety or it Will Recycle You

    What is so hazardous about working in the recycling industry? You wear the right gloves and footwear and you’re ready to go, collecting the material and throwing it into a bin, right? If it was that easy, there wouldn’t be any injuries.

  • sample image Your Environmental Lifestyle

    Tour your home and property and see where you are wasting resources such as water and power. Determine where you are causing pollution to the air and the water.

  • Litter is Still a Problem

    There was a time when the fight against littering was the extent of most people’s environmental commitment. Now you don’t hear much about it.

  • Hurricane Preparedness and Response – USDOL

    Hurricanes are a form of tropical cyclones that are capable of causing devastating damage to communities.

  • Floods – USDOL

    Floods can be serious catastrophes and they are one of the most common hazards in the United States.

  • sample image Wildfires – USDOL

    Wildfires are common disasters that can spread quickly, particularly during dry conditions. Learning about wildfire risks and planning in advance can help protect against the destructive impacts of wildfires.

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  • The Environmental Safety Connection – Safety Talk Handout
    sample image

    There is a link between protecting the environment and protecting your own well-being and safety. What is good for the natural environment is... Read More...

  • A Custodian of the Environment – Safety Talk Handout
    sample image

    As a custodian you have an opportunity to make a significant contribution to the health and safety of the environment surrounding your workplace. Read More...