Recorded Webinars

How to Create Safety Training that Sticks

In this webinar, the final in our four-part series on online training, Natae will cover:

> Training challenges that diminish understanding and retention of online learning.

> Tips for overcoming these challenges, including making thoughtful assignments and the use of gamification to increase understanding and engagement.

> The Smart Seven – A checklist for choosing the best online content.

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Increasing Participation and Completion Rates of Online Training

How can you boost your training completion rates, maximize your training efforts and ensure your safety message is getting to the greatest number of workers? This webinar will answer those questions as we explore ways to increase training participation and completion.

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Webinar: Using Technology to Train Millennials

Date: January 18, 2017
Speaker: Natae Bugg, MS, CSP, Sr. Manager Training & Solutions at SafetyNow
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There seems to be a stigma around training millennials (*safety training), those born between 1980 and 2000, give or take a few years. Millennials are thought to be hard …

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Recorded Webinar: Setting up a Sustainable Safety System that Drives Safety Improvement

Recorded: August 31, 2016
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Title: Setting up a Sustainable Safety System that Drives Safety Improvement

Speaker: Sean T. Lane, CSP, CHMM, EHS Manager, Domtar – Hawesville, KY Operations
What drives safety at your organization . . . not who (although important), but what? Is it …

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The Cost Of Musculoskeletal Disorders to an Organization

Doug Dickinson, a managing consultant with a global engineering firm, is going to discuss the cost of musculoskeletal disorders to organizations, ergonomic risk factors in an industrial setting and how to control or eliminate these risk factors and costs.

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The Perfect Safety Meeting

We’ve all been Safety Meetings that miss the mark. Topics that weren’t relevant, information dumps of mind-numbing corporate PowerPoint presentations that are forgotten as soon as the meeting is over. But you can get your workers to buy in on your safety program! And safety communication consultant and seven-time author Kevin Burns is ready to show you how.

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Heat Illness Prevention

A heat wave is rewriting record books across the nation this week. June was was one of the hottest month’s ever for US cities, and July is not promising any relief. Join OSHA Cal/OSHA expert Don Dressler in a webinar July 9th where he will explain proven steps you need to take to keep workers safe in this blistering weather, and your company compliant.

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Danger in the Workplace: Using a Team to Assess Threats of Violence

Watch Glenn French as he walks you through using a Threat Assessment Team (TAT) to assess specific, targeted threats at your workplace.

Recorded Wednesday, Feb 20, 2013
As a result of well-publicized incidents in both Canada and the United States “workplace violence” is now recognized as a …

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Form 300 Logs – 10 Ways to Get in Trouble with OSHA

An renowned authority in OSHA law discusses how to avoid errors on your OSHA 300 log and other errors that could lead to a willful citation.

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