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Office Posture Matters: An Animated Guide

Bad posture is the sneakiest workplace risk there is. Discover the dangers and learn some simple ways to stay healthy during your daily office life in this video.

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Run.Hide.Fight. Surviving An Active Shooter Event

This video produced by the City of Houston, TX gives information that could be helpful if you ever find yourself in a situation where an active shooter is present.

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A Tow Truck and a Semi-Trailer Fall Off a Snowy Cliff in Norway

A truck driver in Norway considered himself lucky after a trailer and his tow truck were pulled off of a steep snow-covered cliff.
Eyewitness Gunn Iren Johnsrud watched as the tow truck and its load were pulled from County Road 78 in Leirosen, Norway.

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Respiratory Protection for Healthcare Workers Training Video

This video goes over respiratory protection for those working in the healthcare field.

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Protecting Your Eyesight

Shows dramatic examples of what happens when proper eye protection is not worn and the difference between regular glasses compared to goggles stamped ANSI Z87.
WA State Dept of Labor & Industries, 2003

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As It Should Be Done: Workplace Precautions Against Bloodborne Pathogens – USDOL

This 24 minute video explains how workers can protect themselves against occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens, such as Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) and the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). This program is targeted primarily to health care workers and related professionals. OSHA, (1992).

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MSHA Assistant Secretary Joe Main Discusses the Proximity Detection System Device – USDOL

This video contains content regarding DOL regulations, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor.

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Faces of Black Lung

Each year, approximately 1,000 miners in the U.S. die from coal workers’ pneumoconiosis, or ‘black lung disease,’ a preventable illness caused by exposure to coal mine dust. The video features two miners who share their stories and provide insight on how their lives have changed …

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Employer and Employee Discuss the Advantages of Recordkeeping Transparency – USDOL

This regulatory initiative will support the Secretary’s outcome goals of securing minimum wages and overtime particularly in high-risk industries and helping middle-class families remain in the middle class.

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EBSA’s Phyllis Borzi on Efforts DOL Can Explore to Enhance Retirement Security – USDOL

EBSA plans to enhance retirement security by reducing the chances that workers will run out of funds during their retirement years, supporting the Secretary’s good jobs for everyone policy.

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