Every month, we organize materials posted on the website in the previous month into an 8-page newsletter digest, delivered to the doors of all active members. However, the SafetySmart Compliance newsletter isn’t just a paper version of the website. It’s a new tool that integrates information from the site into a new product greater than the sum of its parts.

In addition to end-to-end, ready to implement solutions, the Insider newsletter serves as a navigation aid with “Quick Codes” to help you find specific information about issues referenced in the newsletter on the website quickly and easily.

There’s even a new “OSHA Watch” feature providing big picture analysis of the news, new laws, compliance guidance and enforcement trends from OSHA that we’ve reported in the past month.

14 steps to complying with OSHA confined space requirements, how you’ll need to label chemicals differently to comply with GHS standards and more.

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Featuring a 10 step gameplan for respiratory protection and a “how to” guide to determine if your lockout/tagout procedure is specific enough to meet OSHA requirements.

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Welcome to the premier edition of SafetySmart Compliance! This digest has been designed to compliment your compliance program in 3 ways:

Spark OSHA compliance improvements from anywhere,  even if you’re on the road or off the internet
Identify when you can find more tools or resources online, …

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