Worker Rights

I run a warehouse in Pennsylvania. Two of my workers, call them Jack and Bob, hate each other. I’ve tried to keep them separated but the other day, Jack jumped Bob in the break room and began throwing punches. By the time we pulled them …

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A telecommuter working in her home office hears her baby cry. She runs out to see what’s the matter, trips on an extension cord and breaks her leg. Is the injury work-related injury and thus recordable in the OSHA 300 under the OSHA Recordkeeping …

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Yes, as long as you can show that the vaccination is necessary for health and safety and that your vaccination policy doesn’t:

Violate the affected workers’ contract or collective bargaining agreement;
Discriminate against workers on the basis of religion or disability; or
Violate OSHA whistleblower protection laws.

But even …

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