Step 12: Implement Procedures for Introducing New Technology

Date First Published on SafetySmart Compliance: February 21st, 2012
Topics: Hazwoper & Emergency Response |

If you’re involved in hazardous waste clean-up operations, Hazwoper (Sec. 1910.120(o)) develop and implement procedures for the introduction of effective new technologies and equipment developed for the improved protection of employees. Here’s an overview.

Development of New Technology Procedures

Procedures to introduce effective new technologies and equipment to better protect employees working with hazardous waste clean-up operations should be included as part of the site safety and health program (See Step 1) to ensure that employee protection is being maintained.

Evaluation of New Technologies

New technologies, equipment or control measures available to the industry, such as the use of foams, absorbents, absorbents, neutralizers or other means to suppress air contaminants while excavating the site or for spill control, must be evaluated by employers or their representatives.

The purpose of the evaluation should be to determine the effectiveness of the new methods, materials or equipment. Evaluation should be undertaken before large scale implementation or use of the method, materials or equipment. Information and data from manufacturers or suppliers may be used as part of the employer’s evaluation.

You also have to make evaluations available to OSHA upon request.