Model Confined Spaces Entry Procedures

Date First Published on SafetySmart Compliance: August 14th, 2012


The OSHA Permit Required Confined Spaces Standard requires employers to identify the “confined spaces” in their workplace and classify each one as either a permit or non-permit required space. Permit spaces are confined spaces that contain actual or potential hazards capable of killing or seriously injuring a person who enters them. One option for dealing with these spaces is to seal them off so no one can enter them. If entry into permit spaces is allowed, the employer must implement a confined spaces entry program to ensure entry is conducted safely. Sometimes permit spaces lose the hazardous characteristics that caused them to be classified as permit spaces in the first place. In this situation, you’re allowed to reclassify the permit space as a non-permit space as long as you complete the necessary paperwork.

How the Tool Helps Solve the Problem

The Model Reclassification Form below lists the information OSHA requires employers to document to reclassify a permit confined space as a non-permit space. Although you shouldn’t remove any of these items, you can and should modify the Form to provide for additional information you require, e.g., if you apply more stringent rules for reclassifying permit as non-permit spaces.