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Young Worker Dies in Concrete Mixer Incident

A 23-year-old worker at a company that produces concrete and brick pavers, masonry and retaining walls, died after becoming caught in a concrete mixer.


Picture This! Crumpled Cones Point to Driver’s Inattention

What harm could this driver’s inattention have caused?

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Mining, Construction, Manufacturing Industries Worst for Hearing Loss

Work-related hearing loss is most prevalent in the mining, construction and manufacturing sectors, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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Whistleblower Ordered Reinstated, With $190,000 in Compensation

OSHA has ordered a company to reinstate a safety manager and pay him $190,000 in back wages and damages after he was demoted, censured and ultimately forced to resign.

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OSHA Fines Go Up 80%! Are You Prepared?

Last fall, Congress passed a federal budget that allowed OSHA to have a one-time large increase in its maximum fines in order to adjust for inflation, since occupational safety and health infractions and penalties hadn’t increased since 1990. Moving forward, the maximum fines will increase annually based on inflation rates – as is the case for many other federal agencies


Picture This! Easy-Lift Anchor Puts Fall Protection at All-Time Low

The anchor plate shown in this photograph has been screwed into a metal roof. It probably wouldn’t provide adequate fall arrest for a cat, let alone a worker.

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Unfortunate Placement of Object Caused Air Force C-130 Crash

The crash of a US Air Force C-130J airplane on Oct. 2, 2015 at Jalalabad Airfield in Afghanistan, which killed all 11 people on board, was caused by the unfortunate placement of a hard-shell night vision goggles case, which blocked the plane’s flight controls during takeoff.


Study Finds Many Workers Perform Better When Under Stress

The saying about some people thriving under pressure seems to be borne out by a survey of more than 400 advertising and marketing executives interviewed by The Creative Group, a marketing and creative staffing agency serving the United States and Canada.


The Cost Of Musculoskeletal Disorders to an Organization

Doug Dickinson, a managing consultant with a global engineering firm, is going to discuss the cost of musculoskeletal disorders to organizations, ergonomic risk factors in an industrial setting and how to control or eliminate these risk factors and costs.

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Don’t Get Caught Between Pot and a Hard Place

Legalized marijuana is becoming increasingly prevalent, with 23 states and the District of Columbia having legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use. That means more than 150 million Americans now have legal access to marijuana.



OSHA has argued that safety programs that offer incentives/rewards are inherently flawed. What do you think?

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