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OSHA Fines Moving Company in Worker’s Heat-Related Death

OSHA has cited an Omaha, NE, moving company for one serious violation of exposing workers to excessive heat after a worker suffered fatal heat stroke.


The Hazards of Working in the Snow

Winter poses some serious challenges to workers across much of North America. Download our latest special report and learn how to protect workers in winter conditions.

statistics on slipping hazards

Picture This! Slipping Up on Safety

Someone has definitely slipped up on safety, judging by the conditions evident in this photograph. Not only is the floor wet, but the walkway is blocked by equipment, forcing workers to walk directly across the wet floor.

late night

Buffalo 7-Eleven Workers Voice Violence Concerns

Workers at a 7-Eleven store in Buffalo, NY, are rallying for job protections in light of violence being committed against workers, particularly on overnight shifts. Multiple robberies have occurred and one worker was sexually assaulted.

School Lunch Allergy

Peanut Butter Deaths Bring 28-Year Sentence

A former peanut butter company owner and president has been sentenced to 28 years in prison for knowingly shipping salmonella-contaminated peanut butter and other peanut products to stores.

Forklift handling the container box

Mother of Three Dies After Leg is Severed in Struck-by Incident

Three children are mourning the death of their mother in a struck-by incident at a New Jersey dock. Judy Jones, 49, died at the scene after she was struck by a moving container top loader.

company cited for injuries caused by wind gust

Wind Hazards

Download latest special report and learn more about Wind Hazards and how to protect workers from getting caught up in a wind gust.

OSHA Explains How Employers Get Out of SVEP Purgatory

Safety Smart Compliance: Recent OSHA Fines

OSHA inspectors have been busy checking American workplaces for compliance with its safety and health standards. Here are some of the violations that were recently cited, and proposed penalties for non-compliance.


Town Mayor Dies in Construction Incident

The mayor of Maggie Valley, NC, was killed when a heavy bundle of plywood fell from a roof of a garage under construction and landed on him.


SafetySmart Compliance Newsletter – November 2015

In this issue, you’ll learn about winter safety driving conditions, and the hazards of static electricity to prevent incidents from occurring.