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prevent dust explosions and OSHA citations

Train the Trainer: Combustible Dust Training Gameplan

Train workers to recognize and manage dust explosion hazards.

shawn boone

Shawn Boone: The Story of a Dust Explosion Victim

The 119 workers killed in dust explosions were real people, not just statistics.


Combustible Dust Housekeeping Inspection Checklist

Here’s a Checklist you can use to ensure that combustible dust housekeeping inspections are carried out effectively at your workplace.

dusts in the air can cause deadly explosions

Spot the OSHA Violation: Is This What You’d Call a Safe Work Environment?

Train your workers about the dangers of combustible dust.

Avoiding LOTO citations and machine accidents

Model Lockout Tagout Program

A Model Program with language that meets OSHA LOTO requirements that you can adapt.

plating company cited $341,550 for hexavalent chromium workplace hazards

Plating Company Fined $341,500 For Exposure

Pride Plating Inc. cited by OSHA for worker exposure to cancer-causing health hazards by inhalation, absorption and ingestion of hexavalent chromium.

lockout tagout confined spaces fatality

Cutting Corners Leads to Man’s Death and $500K Fine

Leaving the conveyor running while workers cleared a confined shredder discharge pit, because it was thought to increase efficiency, cost man his life.

osha awards $10.6M of grants through Susan Harwood Training Grant Program

OSHA Awards $10.6M of Grants to 78 Nonprofits

OSHA awarded through the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program, which provides health and safety grants to fund education and training of workers.

statistics on fatigue and the workplace

Seven Statistics on Worker Fatigue

Fatigue is a state of physical or mental exhaustion, which compromises both workplace safety and a worker’s ability to perform efficiently.

temporary and immigrant workers safety training and worker rights

New Alliance Forged for Immigrant Worker Safety Education

OSHA and the Heartland Workers Center of Omaha are forming an alliance to provide immigrant workers with safety training and information on workers’ rights.

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