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Avoiding LOTO citations and machine accidents

Model LOTO Training Form for Authorized Employees

It’s not enough to provide LOTO training; you must prove you did.

OSHA interactive webtool for identifying and controlling workplace hazards

US Compliance News: OSHA Offers New Interactive Training Tool

OSHA has unveiled a new interactive training webtool to help small businesses identify and avoid hazards in the manufacturing and construction industries.

fall protection

WALKING-WORKING SURFACES: How to Control Fall Hazards

The easiest way to think about this system is to think of A-B-C.

asphalt company pays 1 million dollars to reinstate wrongfully terminated employees

Asphalt Co. Pays $1M to Reinstate Whistleblowers

Asphalt Specialists Inc. has been found in violation of OSHA’s Surface Transportation Assistance Act with wrongful termination of a foreman and two drivers.

osha and global chain alliance ammonia safety fall prevention

OSHA Renews Alliance for Ammonia Awareness

OSHA and GCCA will develop outreach materials and provide training related to ammonia and other chemicals, as well as fall protection.

safetysmart compliance newsletter april 2014

SafetySmart Compliance Newsletter – September 2014

Demolition and highway work zone safety, carbon monoxide poisoning and slipping hazards, and more in this month’s issue of SafetySmart Compliance.

wooden ladders standard

Policies and Practices: Ladder Safety Checklist

Use this ladder safety checklist to ensure that ladders in your workplace are in good condition and your workers are setting up and using ladders safely.

Train your workers about contact stress and ergonomics

Spot the OSHA Violation: Is What You’d Call an Ergonomically Sound Work Practice?

What can the 3 Stooges teach your workers about MSDs?

ergonomics quiz

Quiz: Which Jobs Are Ergonomically Most Dangerous?

Do you know what the top 15 occupations with the highest MSD rates are?


Meet the Victims: Lives Destroyed by Workplace MSDs

MSD victims aren’t statistics; they’re flesh and blood people.



OSHA has argued that safety programs that offer incentives/rewards are inherently flawed. What do you think?

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